The Following May Not be Premium Content


…yet. I’m just a girl who finished her Master’s degree and has more time on her hands. You know what that means? Self indulgence and cute outfits! TBH, I’ve been going through a clothing rut because I’ve gotten a little uncomfortable with my body and the few pounds I’ve gained. I’ve always been curvier along with only being 5ft tall and recently I’ve gotten frustrated with my height (mainly because I’m tired of pants being too long) and none of my clothes are fitting like I want to them to anymore.

It is my goal from here on out to only wear clothing that I feel GOOD AS HELL in and to share those outfits with the world. I’ve been settling with my choices when I leave the house in the morning but NO MORE.

Are you ready for it?

P.S. These are the most comfortable pants I have ever worn. The burgundy color is PERFECT for all your basic betch Fall needs. Also, I literally own 3 pairs because you never know when Target will discontinue them. Been there, done that, won’t be fooled again!



Jeans: Target

Lipstick: Kylie Cosmetics

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