Foraging Fiends

I fulfilled a childhood dream of eating off the ground! It only took me 28 years to be brave enough to forage for food but with the help of No Taste Like Home I learned all about living off the land (and how to not die while doing it). For this hippie trip I felt a hippie filter was only necessary.

We tried persimmons, wood sorrel, and shrimp of the woods mushrooms straight from mother nature. Then our guide, Dimitri, showed us all to make a delicious meal from our findings. When I say it was the most delicious mushroom meal I have ever had, I’m not lying! He even brought a long a dessert of cookies made from walnut flour. Not sure I’d eat those regularly but I’m glad to know if I get lost in the wilderness I can still have sweets!

2018-10-27 122018-10-27 11:19:05.0092018-10-26 232018-10-26 21:25:24.8262018-10-27 11:19:04.045

At this point you may be asking yourself, “What the eff were you wearing during all of this? Aren’t you claiming this is a fashion blog??” To that I say, Jade and I stopped for pizza (trust me, it was necessary) so we were running late and we didn’t get a chance to get blog quality photos. But here it is ladies and gents:

2018-10-26 22Processed with VSCO with au5 preset

As you can see, it’s so functional it allows room for tree dancing.

I’m a firm believer in being an outfit repeater (sorry Kate Sanders but it’s better for the environment and I’m not rich, bitch) so the outfit above is a mix of pieces I’ve owned for forever. Flannel is a mens from Costco but the real star is the shirt underneath. Check out this cozy long sleeve from Target and look out for it featured in a post coming soon.

I promise next we will pencil in pizza time and picture taking time!

P.S. I’m getting my roots done next week (I know, I know, its been too long) and I need help choosing a color! Should I stay bright blonde or go for a honey brown?

Comment any thoughts below!



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