Yeah That Greenville

Lets talk about pizza and how it is the greatest food ever invented. I will forever be in debt to Italy for creating my life partner and forever friend, the pizza pie. I’ve never actually been to Italy or heaven but I assume the pizza at Sidewall Pizza Company in Greenville, South Carolina is what I have to look forward to when I die.

I mean just look at this spread!

Processed With Darkroom

I’m getting ahead of myself though because for the first course my beautiful (and very pregnant) sister and I ordered the Baked Goat Cheese encrusted with walnuts and peppadews with a small arugula salad with their own house infused olive oil.

Processed With Darkroom

I paired this with my favorite beer, Westbrook Gose. If you like sours this is a great one when you are looking for something lighter but full of flavor.

Processed With Darkroom

After the appetizer I shoved the Roasted Mushroom pizza down my throat while my sister elegantly enjoyed the Roasted Vegetable. Then she thought it would be cute to make fun of me.

The last thing we ate is not pictured because like I said my sister is very pregnant and took no prisoners. If you go to Sidewall for nothing else, you HAVE to get their ice cream. They make new flavors everyday and this day they had what they called Campfire which consists of a chocolate marshmallow base with graham crackers and toasted marshmallows mixed in. All of their ice cream is also home made, local from grass fed cow milk. They also always have vanilla, chocolate, vegan vanilla, and vegan chocolate – made with coconut milk for those with specific preferences.

Great service, magical food, go there to live your best life.

PS I’ll be recapping what I wore on this trip in the next post but I have a feeling you already know where most of my outfit came from (hint: Target).

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