Are You Ready For It?

I know I am! In a month from now I’ll be out of this dreary tundra and laying on the beach drinking all. of. the. piña. coladas. I’ve been mentally packing my suitcase for months to get me through each day at work and this is what I’ve come up with so far:


First thing going in my bag is this two piece tropical outfit. I’m sad because I’m not sure where I will wear this besides Mexico but I also don’t care because it is the exact feel I want to have on this trip. Bright colors, comfortable and casual are my themes going into Mexico.

I also want to be safe and made sure to purchase an anti-theft purse that will go well with all of my outfits. What makes this anti-theft you ask? It has clips where the zippers which makes it harder for thieves to open the bag without me feeling it. It also has rfid blocking card and passport slots if you need those. Great for Mexico and all my future travels.

Next thing I’m packing are swim suites!!! I plan on spending my entire week in bathing suites getting as much color as I can. I’ve never had a bathing suite like this before but I LOVE the cut out and bit of under-boob. I’ve already warned my friends what they are are nipple duty — I hope to leave something to the imagination.


I wasn’t sure if I should bring my own towels or not so I compromised with this aquamarine Turkish Towel that is 100% cotton and a great coverup.

Processed With Darkroom

The other swim suite is going to be this marble off-the-shoulder number. If you know me at all you know that off-the-should is my favorite style in the entire world and the second I saw this I had to have it.


It will be easy to pull the sleeves down to avoid tan lines and basically wear as a shirt when we go sight-seeing.  I don’t think you can go to Mexico without a good pair of jeans shorts. I’ve had these for a while from Old Navy and they have really be my go to during the summer.

Processed With Darkroom

I couldn’t go on a tropical vacation without a maxi dress. This one I’ve had for a bit and it has always treated me well. It has white birds flying around on it and can be tied at the bottom to mix things up. I only plan on taking two pairs of shoes with me. These white Keds and some sandals. Like I said this will be a comfortable and casual vacation.

The last thing I already know I’ll be taking is something that my brother gifted to me for Christmas this year and TBH it’s a little…different.


This dress…thing is made from towel material and I’m SO excited about it. It is going to be a great cover-up but also a wearable towel!!!! I think this is a genius idea and I hope to personally thank its creator one day. It also has pockets that will let you get to what you are wearing underneath. It is so freaking comfortable and I honestly don’t think its that hideous. Big shout out to my big brother who knows me better than I know myself sometimes.

Nothing about sharing pictures of me in bathing suites is easy but I won’t allow myself to be self conscious anymore. I deserve to go on vacation and not feel guilty about my body and be able to enjoy myself and SO DO YOU! We are also worth relaxing and loving ourselves. In the past I’ve been too worried about what anyone is thinking to feel like I could whatever I want while always trying to cover myself. Say hola to my body and the cute ass clothes I choose to put on it.

P.S. Do we like the cowboy hat or no?

Matching Two Piece Crop Top: Asos

Matching Two Piece Bottoms: Asos

Cutout Swim Suite: boohoo

Marble Swim Suite: boohoo

Anti-Theft Purse: Amazon

Turkish Towel: Amazon

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