In a Mexi-coma

If you don’t think I’ve been waiting 11 years to make the Mexi-coma joke, then you are seriously disturbed. Also, HAS IT REALLY BEEN THAT LONG SINCE THE SEX AND THE CITY MOVIE CAME OUT?!!?!

Putting aside my mid-life crisis because I HAVE to tell you about my trip to Mexico.

This first post is dedicated to the wonderful, amazing, beautiful, perfect, luxurious, and friendly Villas HM Palapas Del Mar. If you are in the area, you MUST stay here. It is in the perfect location on the tiny Isla Holbox. I went for a girls trip, but this hotel is also family friendly for those bringing kids. It is honestly perfect to celebrate a honeymoon or anniversary as well. The island as a whole has something for everyone, even though a fellow traveler we met from London called it “girlish.”

Is it girlish to lay in a hammock all day on the beach to get tan?

Processed With Darkroom

Is it girlish to eat an amazing buffet breakfast every morning?


Maybe it’s girlish to sleep on a cloud in the most beautiful room you’ve ever seen?

Or to have a pool connected to your room and a foot-washing station so you don’t track in sand?

And the most girlish of all is getting massages on the beach.


Palapas del Mar offers all-inclusive deals if you’re into that. We opted for the “just breakfast” option because we wanted to be able to try all the different restaurants downtown, and I am SO glad we did the trip this way.  More on the food later, but trust me when I say every single meal we ate was out-of-this-world good. If you do decide to eat lunch or dinner at the hotel, they have a full sushi bar and all the ceviche your heart could want.

The last and most important aspect of the hotel is their staff. I cannot say enough great things about how amazing the staff was for our every want. First of all, their English is probably better than mine, and they were patient with us when we wanted to try our Spanish. The hotel is within walking distance to the main town square, but sometimes we just wanted to take a taxi. The front desk was always welcoming and fast when calling us a ride to lunch or dinner. They had the most amazing suggestions on where to eat depending on the type of food we wanted. If we had questions about anything, they had an immediate and helpful answer.

This island on its own is magical, but the Palapas del Mar made it even better than I ever could have imagined.


Not pictured: Swim up full-service bar. I may have had a few margaritas and forgot to get a picture.


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