Bra Optional

I know I’ve already posted about what I was planning on wearing to Mexico but I wanted you to see them in context! And I’ll take any reason to reminisce about this amazing trip.

I’ve found that what you plan on wearing on a trip may not alway be what you end up packing so I wanted to share what actually made it in my suitcase.

Let’s begin with what I wore to jumpstart this trip!

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I like to keep it casual and hella comfortable when traveling. IDK about you but I have a TON of flight anxiety and this pair of black yoga pants is my comfort blanket. It was cold in Charleston, SC and I’m still not sure if you dress how the weather is where you are or how it is where you end up. To compromise, I had a short sleeve t-shirt underneath for when we actually go to Mexico.

With my passport, credit cards and cash tucked away in my anti-theft purse I was ready to roll. I also sneak in a mimosa while we were waiting to board. It was my birthday after all!

Once we go to Cancun that night I changed into a much more festive top and shorts. My shoulders are one of my favorite features and I show them off when ever I get a chance. These darker wash shorts fit a little tight in the waist so I recommend sizing up.

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The next we had the last bit of traveling to do. We took a bus from Cancun to Chiquilá then a ferry to the glorious island of Holbox. To be honest, I wasn’t wearing anything spectacular until we go to the pool!

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I think my new thing might be taking pictures on beds. It is my natural habitat after all. This fruity coverup was exactly what I was looking for. It dried fast and I felt like I had a super cute dress on when we got snacks after the beach.

Processed With Darkroom

The marble bathing suit I had on under the cover up was amazing and I almost hated that I brought more than one bathing suit because choosing which one to wear was hard. I wish this was the kind of dilemmas I had to deal with on a daily basis in the real world.

Anyway, the most important aspect of this picture is the hat. The only thing I said I wanted to buy while in Holbox was a new hat. The first night we went to dinner  I saw this hat. Little did I know it was $145 and the hat I had been looking for my entire life. I have never spent that much money on a hat before and I don’t think I will again but let’s just say when I put it on I felt magical and I’m pretty sure we have a Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants situation on our hands. Also, my friends didn’t stop me so YOLO.

The next day it was time to wear the under boob swim suit. Not much else to say except I thought my tummy would get more sun burned.

The next outfit I wore most. It was the most comfortable, cute and flexible set of clothes ever. This matching set went with everything (including my new hat) and kept me super cool! I walked around town for hours in this and was still able to avoid a lot of chub rub! The shorts were too long for my short leg so I did have to roll them up once but it wasn’t a bad look.

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I was also able to mix the top with a pair of lighter wash jean shorts. I love this because I was able to make different looks with the same set of clothes. These shorts were the slightest bit big but I liked that because I was able to overeat and still feel skinny. They also had a fun embroidered design on the hip that is not visible in this photo. OH and did I mention both pairs of shorts on on sale?!

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The last outfit that needs acknowledgment is the maxi dress.

Processed With Darkroom

I was able to wear this with no bra and now that I think of it I only wore a bra while on the airplane. This dress held the girls up nicely. I paired it with a super cute tassel necklace my friend got me for my birthday and a yummy churro.

What I learned:

  1. We were there for a week but I only really needed half the clothes I brought.
  2. Bringing 4 bathing suits makes for hard decisions.
  3. I need to find more places I can wear my new hat.
  4. Holbox is amazing and bras are optional while on vacation!

Dark Jean Shorts: Old Navy

Light Jean Shorts: Old Navy

Hat: Lola

Matching Set Top: ASOS

Matching Set Bottom: ASOS

Marble Swim Suit: BooHoo

Cut-Out Swim Suit: BooHoo

Anti-Theft Purse: Amazon

Cover-Up: Target

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