Mexican Foodie

Sadly this is my last post about my amazing trip to Mexico but arguably this is the best because today I am talking all things food!

As someone who had never been to Mexico before, my idea of Mexican food was based off of the “Mexican” restaurants in the USA. I was incredibly surprised by the variety of options offered to us in the country!

The first night we were there we went to La Tranquita Grill & Bar. I ordered shrimp tacos that I honestly felt like I could make at home but they did bring me crepes to help me celebrate my birthday. Also their margaritas were strong and delicious. If that’s not a dinner of champions IDK what is.

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The next morning before we travelled to Holbox we went to Cafe Nader. This super cute cafe had menus in english for those who needed one. Both of these restaurants were within walking distance to our Airbnb and we felt very safe walking to them.

I really wanted to experience authentic Mexican food so I ordered the enmoladas. This was basically tortillas covered with mole sauce, onion, stuff with egg and manchego cheese.

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Very glad I tried it but I can say for sure that I would never order it again. The mole sauce was something I had never tasted before. It has a chocolaty-nutty flavor that I felt would taste better on a croissant or baguette.

Once we go to Chiquila (2.5 hour bus ride from Cancun) it was time for a snack! All around Chiquila and Holbox there were carts selling fresh mangos. They would cut them up to look like flowers and put them on a stick. It was the best welcome to Mexico.

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For another snack after we took a dip in the pool we HAD to order some ceviche and guac from our hotel.

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This ceviche was shrimp cocktail based and a nice mix up from the lime that is more prevalent. Honestly I have a hard time finding a guacamole that I like better than the one I make at home. The one we ordered from the hotel surpassed my homemade version in every way. It was so fresh with just enough salt and tomatoes.

For dinner we went to what ended up being our favorite restaurant. Please forgive the quality of these photos but know that it was because Luuma is the most amazing tapas restaurant in the world which made it hard to take time snapping pictures. You will find much better pictures on their Instagram.

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If you go here you HAVE TO TRY TO SHRIMP KABABS. It is not the stick kabab that I am used in America. They bring it to you in a sandwich that also has a buffalo sauce on it. We ate here twice and regretted nothing about it. Everything they serve is from natural, local ingredients so you can feel ethically sound eating here as well. They had great vegan and vegetarian options too. Also, I’m pretty sure the hostess was Baby Spice.

The breakfast at our hotel was also noteworthy. They had a wide variety on the buffet including but not limited to eggs that were perfectly cooked (not runny at all), this amazing green juice that I’m still trying to replicate, hash browns with pico as a topping, and french toast.

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I always left stuffed and satisfied. It was hard to stop eating sometimes. They also had almond milk as an option if you did not want cow milk but you have to specifically ask for it.

Now is the time to talk about the lobster pizza. This most delicious pizza I have truly ever eaten was from ROOTS. Holbox is known for their lobster pizza (pictured below on the right) so the expectations where high. There are literally no words to describe how good this pizza is. It literally came with a lobster tail on it! The atmosphere at ROOTS was amazing too. They had a live band playing the entire night. This is also a great place to take children since there is a huge trampoline and small hammocks for them to play on.

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The pizza on the left was a vegan pizza my friend ordered and loved as well! She said the sauce was tomatoey and flavorful. ROOTS also had the best margaritas we had the entire week we were down there. And trust me, we were trying them everywhere.

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Holbox is also known for their sushi! Pura Vida Sushi is the place to get the best sushi and as you see we got it all. What makes this restaurant stand out is their life music and salsa dancing upstairs. Imagine eating fresh sushi, drinking margaritas and salsa dancing! It was truly a dream.

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After all this food, by the end of the week we were ready to eat light again. NAAY offered light smoothie bowls, salads and sandwiches. It was definitely the healthiest place we ate all week. I wish we could have gotten here for breakfast a few times.

There were definitely many other restaurants we wanted to try but ran out of time. This is just gives us an excuse to go back, AMIRIGHT?

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